Bimini After NYE
1.12.18 - 1.14.18

WHERE: Luna Beach Bimini &  Resorts World Bimini

WHEN: January 12, 2018 – January 14, 2018

The waning crescent moon signifies the old cycles ending and the new cycle is near. This is a time to withdraw from the world, rest and renew yourself. It is also the final releasing and purging stage to think things over, contemplate and complete unfinished business and to banish things that no longer serve you or lost interest to prepare for the next cycle.

Christa Cantillo | Yoga/ Pilates/ Holistic Trainer

Christa Castillo always understood the importance of inner and outer strength, setting Christa on a lifelong path of study in physical fitness and meditation. Christa began by building a strong foundation with studies in nutrition and various physical activities, however Yoga took the spotlight the moment she was introduced to Ashtanga and Power Yoga.

Yoga invigorated Christa! The freedom of flowing through postures (asanas), connecting mind, body and breath, creating a meditation in motion while increasing strength and flexibility was nirvana.  Working the body from the inside out, instilling feelings of rejuvenation when class was over – life would never be the same. She was transformed.

Christa Cantillo received her Yoga certification in 2007 from Miami Yoga Shala with Fred Busch and Paul Toliuszis.  Ever since then, she has been steadily building her career as one of Miami’s premier holistic personal trainers with a sharp focus on Yoga and Sound Healing. Among Christa’s devoted local and national clientele are several celebrities, a few forward thinking companies and those who are dedicated to personal transformation at the highest level.

Christa is an expert at using her extensive fitness knowledge to curate specific programs for her clients, tailored to their particular needs. When on tour with her celebrity clients, Christa learned the importance of adaptability in her trainings; working with what you have got in the present moment. Christa’s experience flows into other aspects of the fitness industry; she has consulted on alignment for several large athletic fashion shoots including H & M and Perfect Balance.

Christa has always loved incorporating live drumming , chimes, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, vocal toning in her classes, personal training sessions and her daily practice. She believes these are incredibly powerful tools that give us the ability to fine-tune our greatest vibrational instrument: our own body. Christa collaborates monthly with the pioneers in sound healing hosting “Yoga Sound Baths” as well as her signature Root Sonic Flow™.

The Miami Holistic & Yoga community is special and Christa is honored to be a part of it. Christa has dedicated time to volunteering with 305 Yoga Gangster Outreach Program and introducing Yoga to teens and youth at risk.

Christa’s love for Yoga, health, mind and body mechanics keep her continuing to further her knowledge with various master teachers. Christa believes that“the moment you stop being a student is the moment you stop being a teacher.”

When Christa is not teaching she is busy raising her “lil guru,” her toddler son, Dante. Their mother/son morning and evening rituals include connecting to sound, meditations, and charging crystals as Dante has a natural inclination to the path.

A proud Cuban and Austrian daughter of Miami, Christa enjoys an active vegan lifestyle. She is dedicated to her family’s personal health and spends her free time  with her husband, Anthony on the family boat, taking advantage of Miami’s beaches, skateboarding, biking, and best of all, swimming in the expansive beautiful ocean.


Bianca Abbott| Yoga + Meditation Trainer

Bianca Abbott (Bhavan Nam Kaur) is a certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She is also a certified 200 hour vinyasa teacher specializing in the Baptiste Method. She has been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching for 4.5 years.

Bianca received her kundalini training in New York City with master teacher Hari Kaur Khalsa who had worked closely with Yogi Bhajan. Bianca received her 200hr vinyasa training through Green Monkey in Florida and a 200hr vinyasa training with Yoga to the People in NYC. Bianca is also trained in Sat Nam Rasayan, Clear Light Energy Healing and Pranic Energy Healing, which she integrates into her classes. Bianca just returned back from India, Nepal, Bali for 4.5 months where she deepened her practice and knowledge of yoga, meditation, and Ayuervedic Medicine. While there she studied with world renown teachers and spiritual leaders like Gurmukh Khalsa, Sri Pren Baba, and Mooji.
Bianca graduated from Eckerd College, New York University, and the University of Miami. She has a bachelor’s in Psychology and a bachelor’s in Nursing. She just recently received her masters from University of Miami as a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Integrative and Functional Medicine.
As a Family Nurse Practitioner with a holistic and preventative approach, Bianca is in a unique position to provide a deeper level of care and understanding for her students. Her extensive knowledge in Western Medicine, Functional Medicine, Psychology, Nutrition, and Ayurveda gives her the ability to work with people with chronic illnesses like HIV/AIDS, cancer, addiction, mental illness, etc.
Bianca created and implemented the First Kundalini Yoga and Meditation program for people with HIV/AIDS at New York Presbyterian, Judith Peabody Wellness Center in New York City. She also started the first Kundalini Yoga and Meditation program at North Miami Beach High school working with students with behavioral issues, mental illness, and chronic illnesses.
Yoga and Meditation has been one of the most healing practices for Bianca. She has incorporated yoga, meditation, and energy healing into her treatment plans for her family, friends, and clients and has seen miraculous results in a very short time defying Western techniques. It is her mission to continue educating and teaching these ancient technologies to manage, treat and cure chronic, as well as, acute illnesses.
Jared Bistrong | Sound Healer
Jared Bistrong is a Miami native who crafts his own didgeridoos out of native palm trees and bamboo and has been making, playing and facilitating Didgeridoo sound journeys for over 20 years. As a writing professor, a multi-instrumentalist and sound healer, he has been on the forefront of sound healing exploration by using ancient hand-made instruments in a variety of educational, corporate, and clinical settings. His workshops are playful and interactive and provide a profound vibrational sound experience that invigorates, transforms and energizes participants. Jared is a certified group sound healer in the Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessel Healing system and currently facilitates sound workshops all around the country for large and private groups.
Stephanie Meyer | Reiki Healer
Stephanie practices “Light Heart Healing” a customized healing technique she created for her clients that blends traditional Mikao Usui Reki energy healing with intuitive guide work. Stephanie grew up living in Virginia and Florida and she now travels between the east and west coasts working with her clients and running an animal rescue non-profit. She received her bachelors from the University of Southern California, is certified in animal-assisted therapy for humans, and is certified in Reiki from the NYC Reiki Center under Usui lineage’s Brian Brunius, Reiki Master. Stephanie specializes in physical body work healing, chakra balancing, and emotional healing through connecting and communicating with one’s guides.

How to Get to Bimini
Come by Plane, Seaplane, Boat or FRS Ferry
Ferry Service with FRS Caribbean is now available with departures 6 days a week from Port of Miami. Visit Air travel is available through Tropic Ocean Airways at, Silver Airways at, and direct flights from Newark International (EWR) with Elite Airways at Call our Call Center at 1-888-930-8688 to book your transportation once you have completed your reservation. Customs not required for day trips on FRS